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A picture showing a worker on Beaverbank Water Supply’s truck

Quick Well Water Delivery in the Halifax Regional Municipality

It would be impractical to fill a well with tap water. Bulk water delivery is a simple and cost-effective solution to transport large volumes of water to your desired location. Beaverbank Water Supply can meet your potable water needs, whether you are a family with a small well or a private or governmental body with a large one in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

All water trucks are inspected on a regular basis to guarantee that our deliveries are performed in a sanitary manner. We can meet your well water delivery needs throughout the week. A person can help you determine how many gallons you need and water delivery pricing and provide a delivery estimate. It is important to note that filling your well is simply a temporary solution, and the water will be mixed up after filling. Allow the water to settle after filling the well before turning on the pump or filters. Contact us for further details.


Schedule Water Delivery at Your Leisure

Every delivery of water is handled with the utmost care by our skilled and experienced drivers. All vehicles have hoses so that they may easily reach your property or the delivery area. If it's more convenient for you, we may time the delivery of our bulk water with that time. You may send the Beaverbank Water Supply and fleet whenever it suits you since they are prepared and ready to go.

Don’t Get Caught Short

Schedule well water delivery at your home or business.

worker opening valve of water tanker
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